Friday, 5 March 2010

Eves Valley to Greymouth

Eves Valley road is not so easy to find, lucky for me Hiroko reads the map and guides me there. At or near the roads end is a reserve, like a park where the land is protected. We see some cattle farms, orchards, horses and llamas, seems like a slow part of the world here. The other sight at the end of the road is a massive pile of wood from the clearcut logging they did on the hillside, feels just like home, complete with two fellows on their trailbikes.
We drive on stop for lunch at a river and look for greenstone.The road gets more interesting following big rivers past gorges and canyons. the one lane bridge/road is amazing, at one point, they chiseled (blasted?) the edge of the cliff so we can drive above the Buller River complete with overhang. Man did I wish for my camera to be operational. Some stars on the map indicate points of interest, maybe next time... we are in a hurry wanting to get to Hiroko's friends before dark. They run the Beaconstone Backpackers, south of Westport, surrounded by native bush the ocean far off to the west, a very pleasant place to land. My nose starts flowing when we step up to the door.
It continues to challenge me all night long. I won't go into the messy details.
In the morning clean up, express my gratitudes and head out. Again! Out of frustration and lack of understanding I let it bleed into the gravel at the side of the road, giving me some time to think. Manage to stop it and drive on past some majestic cliffs and awesome waves rolling in. Timed it well, full moon the night before and high tide as I drive along. The waves are perfect, single combers rolling onto sandy beaches and smashing skyward at the headlands. Pancake rocks would have been a great place to stop...I am more focused on getting to a drug store. I pick up a hitch hiker Dariousz from Poland . He has 9 days in NZ and this is day 3. Excited to hear I am heading so far south he is in for a surprise. The pharmacy suggests seeing a Dr. I make an appointment and then go to the library. Bleeding again! Make a mess in the bathroom so wisely head to Dr early. I must look like hell, they send me in and Anu the Dr. comes to see, a transplant from Oregon she is friendly, engaging and helpful, tells me how to pinch and how long. Her associate Michael stuffs something up my nose and insists I see the Hokitika Gorge. Some relief until after shopping both nostrils in the parking lot. I pinch and pinch and eventually still holding tight to my nose, Dariusz drives me to the hospital. His first driving on the right experience.
We wait. Pete the Dr comes and eventually sprays painkiller in my nostril, what a taste yuck! Then pushes and probes cannot see anything obvious. Suggests I might need to go to Christchurch to see the specialists and their instruments... I don't think so! They finally release me, drive into town and convince the fellow at the Noahs Ark backpackers to let us stay. Dariusz makes us an awesome dinner and I retire early. Spend the night swallowing, holding my nose and staying clean.
Morning comes, usual shower, shave and shi... nope didn't shave.We hang out at the library, unfortunately the bus is full so I offer to take Dariousz out of town to hitch. We share a meal together, the famous fish and chip takeaway and wish each other well. I revisit the hospital. Pete agrees it will likely settle down and so I head out as well.

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