Friday, 19 July 2013


It has a nice ring to it, images of slogging through lush grass across a wide vista, entering a darkly dense forest following barely discernible trails and scaling some rocky crag.
 Or fill in the blanks from your own memory banks!
I was brought up thinking adventure involved chasing some dream or illusive entity across varied landscapes with or without companions...The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and numerous manifestations of travelogue and fantasy tale have kept me "armchaired" for years. I hardly imagined I could participate in such endeavors, until I met Elke. She was living it, with little fanfare, no corporate sponsorship and humility that awed me. My first thoughts? "I want to do that!"
On reflection I realize that my life has always been an adventure, one's definition of what is important, valuable and relevant determines the path chosen, who we associate with and the choices we make day to day. I chose a long time ago to "not be normal" whatever that was. It is who I am today, a character, enigmatic and predictable, both in my moral sense and commitment to truth, my desire to create and support change and consciousness transformation towards  community based (tribal) reality. To me that sounds like adventure.
So here we go again or really still. A continued procession toward whatever end is in store for me/us down that road of time and experience. Next stops; Hamburg, Berlin then Cameroon.
I read somewhere long ago that once the nest is empty and the work is done our role is to move to service, to forgo the material pleasures of permanent residency, puttering in the back 40 and acquisition of goods. I cannot claim much success in this but I am moving in that direction. My bell collection quietly stored with books and kitchenware back in Canada as I move toward a nomadic, minimalist existence providing service how ever, when ever and where ever possible.
 I feel a tremendous need to have a good memory here, to have access to the collected knowledge distilled to wisdom through years of experience. I judge I am woefully unprepared! And in the moment what works, where we are, is what needs to happen. Living in the moment, now that is adventure!

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