Wednesday, 13 August 2014


I’m struggling with an understanding of our continued survival on the planet. Our species has fouled the nest in ways I cannot begin to fathom, the number of interventions necessary to remediate or transform go beyond my comprehension. This reaches deep into every facet of our existence at every level of engagement. The common thread that ties it all together is denial.
 "The human mind has a primitive ego defense mechanism that negates all realities that produce too much stress for the brain to handle. It's called 'denial" (Dan Brown Inferno)
 It is here, it is now, this is no dystopian fiction. This is real, this is happening and if we do not address it yesterday, everything is going, going gone!
Like many others I continue with business as usual because I’m unable to fully assimilate the gravity and intensity of the doom scenario. I step forward with optimism and enthusiasm because if I don’t, I have given up.
I choose to proceed towards life on purpose, in balance and relational harmony.
Whatever happens our relationships will be essential. They always have been but over time I have taken things for granted; I’m ignorant of the profound consequences sometimes. I have not thought through  all the process, the networks the interrelations. Also, some of theses relationships have been neglected, due to the complexity and our collective ignorance of those systems.
Every action I take has consequences beyond my awareness. The relationships I have with people, food, transportation systems, my immediate and extended environment, climate and water are impacted by my choices.
When I throw something away, where is ‘away”?
 I feel a deep despair at times and grief, for what could be, what’s been lost and how I am dealing with it.
“grief isn't about feeling guilty about what human beings have done to the earth.
"Last time I checked, guilt is not an enabler of anything but self-hatred. Our current regime of self-hatred, or misanthropy, is simply the incarnation of self-absorption."
….. Grief is the ability to see things for what they truly are…”  Stephen Jenkinson

 My responsibility lies with my conscious choices, the unknown I can only hope to address with good intention.
This is an opportunity to create. To network, to connect,  to work in concert, sustain harmonies of spirit, humanity, sound, thought and resonance. Together.
Sometimes the fear of vulnerability, the perceived shame of needing help or looking weak has held me back. This is not the time to succumb to that evocative siren call of withdrawal.
 Friends, family, compatriots, brothers and sisters, it is time to stand up courageously, to weather the storms of discomfort, dis ease, and disinformation and strive together to transform, recreate and manifest a future and existence that honours all life, That respects the earth in all it’s splendour, celebrates the humility as well as the brilliance of our accomplishments. We share the air and water with all other forms of life, the machinations and grinding processes of earth movements, volcanic eruption and lunar gravity. We know so much and so little. Can we align our thoughts, our hopes and aspirations in one focused inspiring direction?
Yes we can.

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  1. I think a lot of people are going through a similar process to yours CM. For the last dozen years I have concentrated on writing about environmental issues, and now I have focussed on economic issues and fossil fuels because I believe that they are at the heart of this crisis, and if we are to have any effect we must change these factors above all else. If enough people focus on this crisis and the solutions to it, we will eventually have an effect.