Thursday, 31 December 2009

arrival Auckland

Well i made it. I thought my legs were going to seize up squished between the seats. Luckily I had an empty seat beside me after they moved me to accomodate a screaming baby. And there were lots of little ones on the flight. I was pretty engrossed in The Hobbit, had curried beef for dinner a beer and a glass of wine. Watched 2NZ flics and vicariously various hollywood offerings on other folks' screens. Eventually when I realized sleep was impossible, I got what a great distraction the movies are for forgetting how sore my butt was. Champagne as we crossed the dateline (at 4am NZ time) then breakfast arriving at 6 local time. Feeling kinda misaligned I started out answering emails then realized I can send everybody the update via blog. Amazing sunrise , it is overcast here. This place is getting noisy and crowded, almost time for me to call. Will update once I settle and get some sleep. Small reality check, a house sparrow just landed at my feet, telling me to get moving.THANK GOODNESS this blog program saves automatically. The net connection quit. I decided to make it all happen. dazed and confused I changed $5 made a phone call, left a message, looked at the map and decided it was time. Hired a cab after discussing the price $80-$90 (!) It was an entertaining
drive, that went on and on and on. $118 later we arrive at a beautiful site overlooking a bay and to the west the Tasman Sea, the small community of Huai. I am here to housesit and kitten watch while Brian and Miranda are at a music fest.

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