Saturday, 2 January 2010

Day 2

I slept and hung out had some issues with the electics and the DSL (switches on the wall plugs!) Anyway I will post some pictures now that I am online again. Did I say I hadn't changed any money? Did I realize how far out this place is? I managed to buy some food, starvation diet for a few days, and Monday being a holiday means... no banks. This presents a challenge to obtaining my wheels as does getting back into town. I am trusting the universe to provide the perfect solution. In the meantime I will make contact with the van sellers.
The folks who were staying here on my arrival told me about a hike I might enjoy so after feeding cats I walked down the hill along the beach and up the road beside the river. saw some sheep! and a pleasant stream. What called to me was a hike (they call them tramps here) up the side of the hill/mountain I could see from the house. 2.5 hours and right away I had to scrub my shoes and spray some disinfectant to protect some ancient trees. It was pleasant hiking/tramping through the completely unfamiliar flora, although I did recognize a few houseplants. When I got to the giant tree and sat down I realized I aint 25 anymore and besides when was the last time I hiked uphill? There was an interesting sounding bird flitting around the canopy, which I intend to identify... later. A short extra trail to the top of Goat peak sufficed to satisfy my need to accomplish something, I took some vista pictures and descended rubbery legs and all expressing gratitude all the way. Walked the beach, had some fish and chips and returned to fall deep asleep. When I awoke I discovered the switch turning on the DSL and here I am back in the present moment!

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