Friday, 8 January 2010

Day7 rolls into 8

Driving, there is something disconcerting about realizing I am on the wrong side of the road as someone approaches me. Augh! Luckily I am choosing to drive narrow windy roads without much traffic. The views are spectacular, I am inclined to stop frequently so not making much progress. Went for a delightful swim this morning, then continued north into the Bay of Islands,past Frenchman's Swamp and on to Russel where I posted a letter. Took a short ferry ride to Opua then got fuel in Paihia. Then visited the Waitangi treaty grounds. Maori canoes were impressive, one holds 160 , 80 paddlers. I visited the building honouring all the Maori signatories ( I think) amazing carvings inside. I was so amazed I didn't take any pictures... Oh well. Onto another gravel road to Haruru falls and then back onto highway to Puketona. Went into Kerikeri and an organic grower there pointed me to another vista filled drive, better than the last, there just are not enough superlatives folks. OMG this place is stunning! However the number of no camping signs is disappointing, I am currently contemplating a side trip up into Doubtless Bay and another night in a campground. Stuff keeps coming up for me, I am alone by choice and examining deeply the choices I made by coming here. 20 years ago I am sure I would have stayed and rode the wave. Things have changed apparently from the limited challenging struggles to prosperity and easy access to just about everything. I am having trouble defining what it is I am trying to describe, Stephen described it as an insularity and ability to deal with whatever comes along. Me I am on the outside looking in. I am a social being and this forced solitude surrounded by folks who barely see me is challenging. In a good way. My ego could use some humility eh? Yes and this is merely the first week ending here folks, who can say where I will be in a month?
Bless you all,
I have huge gratitude for the love and support I am feeling from my friends and family.
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  1. Kia Ora, CM,

    Great to read your blog and insights into my old native land. You are a great writer and photographer. I see a travel book here. Enjoy your loneliness (at-one-ment) amidst the throng because it won't last.
    Remember to drive left after crossing a one way bridge, to face north for the sun and flush the toilet anti-clockwise to thoroughally enjoy your stay in Kiwi land,

    Your spirit brother,