Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Hanging out in Albany

Whew! Driving on the right side is challenging. A friend of a friend who is now a friend. (yeah that is silly) Fraser and Liz are putting me up with splendid hospitality, driven me all over, showing the sights and helping negotiate the technicalities of vehicle registration, cell phone formatting (yes I have a number... don't call me yet!) and money exchange. The foliage and bird life continues to impress me, walkabout feels somewhat unreal, although a trip to the mall is always a good reality check. Summer time and folks are dressed for it.
Yesterday we took a trip up north to Puhoi, where a very established quaint and rustic pub serves beer outside on fairly gnarly picnic tables. Didn't get into the library , but it is functioning. There are beaches everywhere, this is the place, greater Auckland has many miles of sandy beach and none are crowded. Today the plan is to do a little more driving get some more supplies and then go kayaking on the high tide. Tomorrow I will head north on my own.

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