Thursday, 5 September 2013

Reflections and criticisms

After a week of "summer camp" I'm reflecting on the events and people. My impressions swirl around as I attempt to articulate my thoughts.
Chaos is what comes to mind first. A revolving door of individuals who may or may not be committed to the process.
 Hassles with taxis,  too many passengers and changing the fare on arrival.
Conversations in a cement room, the sounds echoing, the accent, pronunciation and speed of speech making it near impossible to understand anything.
Fish in almost every meal, often with plantain; boiled, a dry mealy, hard and starchy filler. It  does taste better than Ugali. I can only handle so much of it, although sometimes when ripe, it's sweet and not so mealy.
 We eat breakfast at home and often the evening meal; usually avocado and tomato with Laughing Cow process cheese, bread, then ground nut paste (peanut butter) for variety.
A lack of team or group consciousness, which manifests in chatting instead of working, interruptions and lack of listening  with very little personal responsibility apparent. Seemingly no interest or engagement in the bigger picture (is this my age?)
Gender role politics.. this seems like a taboo subject. The women are "assigned" a role and the males get waited on. Not exactly that cut and dried but subtly in place and everyone, while denying it, perpetuate it! Another example, women working and a male comes and takes over with some force usually without asking.
The almost constant honking and the kamikaze like behaviour of taxis and motorcycles. I refuse to ride on a motorcycle. They drive for the most part without any regard for anyone else.
Music blasting out of tiny establishments,  late into the night.
The bar/restaurant downstairs has no food until..? the music too loud to have a conversation, two tvs playing, competing in volume.
Very loud relentless "music" emanating from various "churches" both early in the morning into the night almost daily.
The disgusting filthy state of the watercourses.. this is beyond unacceptable, it threatens the health of everyone. Maybe the volume of garbage beside and around the dumpsters should imply more frequent pick up? But where do they take it all? It seems mostly compost-able and ....plastic.
No water in the morning.. not enough pressure up here on the fourth floor, so the dishes get done at night.. right? seems like a sensible idea...
Apparently sense, planning ahead and paying attention are in short supply with some folks. Again is this my age?
Oh well  ranting I mean raining again, washing all the trash downstream...  to somewhere else... How is that like my life? Or anyone elses?

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