Sunday, 3 January 2010

day 3

Clear skies last night and then the waning full moon. Great to hear from folks via email and my "landlord"on his phone. I spent too much time arranging things so folks could see my pictures, still working out how to let everyone know about the blog. Steep learning curve.
Woke early and spoke with Elke via Skype very cool.
Walked down past the beach and bridge, around to the camping part of the park and followed the track up to a waterfall,lotsa puddingstone boulders making caves, overhangs and some sweet little pools. Yes I climbed up,stripped down and jumped in, sorry no pictures of that. It was refreshing. Wandered down to ocean, looking at the trees attempting to identify as many as possible. It is so lush, verdant and buccolic.I wonder about the affect all this has on folks, I feel still overwhelmed by the majesty and novelty, flowers everywhere, hydrangeas growing wild and the incredible scents wafting past me, smells so sweet and then acrid and so many faintly familiar. Not to mention fallen fern fronds filling up the underbrush.

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